So I bought into the [amazon_textlink asin=’B00XEW3YD6′ text=’EERO’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’azurenight-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’20bb9816-749a-11e7-93fb-3f61fc01723b’] way back during the pre-order days.  It seemed to be a great solution at the time (there was NO other mesh network options).  I was super excited when my 3-pack arrived!

Alas, my excitement was short-lived, as I ran into an incompatibility between the EERO and my cable modem.  The version Time Warner was pushing/supporting at the time had a bug that the EERO managed to trigger, causing network drops, lost packets and all around headaches.

So I set them aside…..  Until just recently my Asus WiFi router decided to start acting up.  Reboot on it’s own and take a while before reconnecting everything.  So I did a quick check and hurrah!, Time Warner (now Spectrum) managed to patch my cable modem so it would work with the EERO’s.

So I dug them up and setup them up.  I have to say, they are nice and simple to configure…and fast!  But, I ran into some immediate problems.  Like trying to access *this* blog’s backup site from within my own network.  I use the fully qualified domain name,  But I can’t reach it from inside?  What???? Google Search to the rescue, led me to this:  and even though this issue is more than a year old, still no resolution!

I wasn’t about to spend more money to setup  an edge router….and I don’t want to run a full DNS server just to override 1 or 2  names (let alone working through whatever complications that would bring).  Luckily, some more search led to possible solution RPZ, or response policy zones!  I didn’t have to setup a duplicate copy of!  I could just run a copy of BIND and overwrite any names I want to return the internal IP  address of my server.  Point everyone to that BIND server for DNS resolution when on my LAN and voila!  Simple solution.