About Us

Our Story

A few years ago my husband and I were sitting in our favorite Mexican restaurant eating dinner. We started talking about apps that we could write and information that we could share. We have both been in IT for decades and have a really strong knowledge development and some ideas about design. We embarked on our first app sitting at that table. We decided on our concept and our name.

Of course we couldn’t have just one. We grew from there with the idea that we would try to fill in the gaps. Our JackedAlope site and Workout Randomizer app have changed a bit since that first night but the passion remains. We started the app to help others like us that wanted to work out but didn’t know what to do. The app help us select exercises based on the equipment you have availability and what muscles you want to concentrate on.

Next we started on One Fit Thing with the belief that doing just one fit thing at a time will change your life. Just pick one and work on it until it is a habit. Then pick the next and the next and the next. Always striving to be better. All the changes do add up and before you know it you better.

I couldn’t do this and not have a crafter page. Crafts4Life was born. I find that most crafts have really detailed instructions and then poof! A finished product. While a scratch my head and try to figure out what’s missing? Do I need to let it dry longer? Bake it in the oven? Start over? These are the questions we answer. If you’ve every made anything you saw on Pinterest and then wondered what you missed, this page is for you. If your projects turn out exactly like the original then stop over and give some advice.

Time for more chips and margaritas.

Our Mission

At Azure Night, LLC. our mission is to create sites and apps that foster communities for people to learn and improve. For each community we strive to create an atmosphere of improvement for your body, your mind and your attitude through education and entertainment. We provide a vehicle for our customers to be better every day.

Our Vision

To be better every day!